KRAV Legislation

KRAV Legislation

KRAV is Sweden’s best-known label for food, a trademark registered with the Swedish Patent and Registration Office. It specifically targets beverages based on ecological principles with high standards in terms of animal welfare, health, social responsibility and climate impact.

KRAV’s vision is that all food production is economically, ecologically and socially sustainable and meets current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

If you want to use the KRAV label, which is necessary for you to export organic products to Sweden, you must have your organic production activity approved by independent certification bodies that are authorized to examine and certify according to KRAV standards.

The KRAV Standards are adapted to the IFOAM Standards and included in IFOAM Family of Standards. The KRAV Standards also fulfil the EU regulation for organic production (EU) 2018/848. In some cases the KRAV Standards are stricter than the EU standards. The KRAV standard is published annually on the web pages as updated. Therefore, you can find the current standard at

KRAV Standards consists of 20 chapters containing standards for the entire food production chain and for all types of food production. Standard; includes crop production, animal husbandry, feed production, food processing, catering, restaurants, fisheries, etc.



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